How To Get Started With Best Online Grocery Shopping Dubai?

Best online grocery shopping dubai

Speaking of the pre-COVID times, online grocery shopping was the lowest-performing e-commerce sector in the UAE. It’s no news how the outburst of the pandemic had people spending time indoors, which led to a dramatic increase in online sales. For the longest time, the e-grocery platform lagged in the UAE but COVID restrictions boosted it exponentially.

How to get Started with Shopping for Groceries Online in the UAE

Some statistics suggest the online grocery space grew by more than double in 2020 and is now worth over $ 1 billion. Online shopping was a need during the lockdown phase but now it looks like the trend is here to stay.

So, here’s how you can dodge a supermarket visit and get started with online grocery shopping in Dubai.

How To Get Started With Best Online Grocery Shopping Dubai?

With multitude web shopping platforms offering a variety of products, it’s difficult to decide on how to pick one and get going. 


With plentiful digital grocery stores like Add To Cart and more, deciding on one can be intimidating. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, it is now possible to laze around the couch and have access to groceries and household supplies. Some e-commerce grocery stores also offer convenient mobile apps. All you need to do is download the app and get started. So, choose what’s user-friendly and more convenient to you.

Check the delivery schedule

 Oh yes, the promptness in delivery is as important as anything else. First, check on the delivery timings to ensure someone’s available to receive it. Secondly, check how long the delivery takes. Some deliver as quickly as the same day and some need a larger window. Know what suits your requirements and place your order accordingly. It would be wise to consider national holidays, bad weather and other obstructions while placing your order.

online grocery shopping

Customer reviews

Online reviews can make or break a company’s success and therefore undoubtedly they are more powerful than you think. Study reveals that consumers are less likely to trust brands with no reviews and about 63% of customers feel secure about labels with online reviews. The same rule applies to online grocery stores.

So, stay tuned to testimonials they provide social proof. Sure, every brand is about tall promises today. But how much of that is delivered? Delving into customer reviews is the best way to figure it out.

Monetary approach

Before placing your order, how about considering some capital gains? For instance, lots of e-commerce grocery stores have special discount coupons for first-time buyers and rewards for becoming a member. Don’t miss the opportunity to grab them. With every order, you gain more points which turn into a bonus. What’s exciting is that you also earn points by just following them on Instagram and Facebook.

Also, be aware of the delivery fees and sale alerts. Stocking household items or baby products when on sale is a great idea. Some e-commerce channels also offer free delivery above a specific order, so go ahead and make the most of it.

how to do online grocery shopping

Customer service

A very important aspect to factor in. Your opted online grocery store must certainly have a facility for customer service. Firstly, it remains a direct connection with the brand and signifies their sense of responsibility. Also, it will be useful in the case of any query about the product that’s not mentioned on their website or complaints related to damages or delays. 

An online store with proactive customer service is a blessing in disguise. Some have also adopted modern-age techniques like WhatsApp reach to make the experience more congenial.

Safety and Security

Everything’s better when it’s safer right? Online purchasing calls for giving out debit or credit card details. In no way, your personal data should be compromised. Bear in mind the brand image, do not save your card details and opt for password-protected transactions only.

While you can’t stop yourself from making an online transaction, it is pivotal to choose a reputable name and be mindful of your transactions.

And that’s a wrap on how to begin your online shopping journey. Grocery shopping is a chore that most people have started enjoying post the influx of e-commerce

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