How To Pick Flowers For a Valentine's Day | Tips To Choosing The Perfect Flowers Bouquet

On Valentine’s Day, it’s traditional to surprise your loved one with a perfect Valentine’s Day bouquet. But how do you make sure that you choose the right flowers?

How To Make a Valentine's Day Flower Bouquet

How to make a Valentine's Day flower bouquet

Time dictates its own rules and a rare girl today will understand you correctly if, on Valentine’s Day, she will be left without flowers from her beloved. If you have been together for a long time, red roses have probably been presented more than once. Therefore, you will need something original but available in a local flower shop or on Flowwow. Below you will find a few rules to follow when choosing flowers and several ideas for making Valentine’s Day even more memorable.

Make Sure the Flowers are Fresh

A bouquet that is not fresh can wither on the second day and there will be no joy for anyone – only troubles and disappointments. Therefore it is very important to choose the right gift.

If the flowers have smooth and dense buds, which are just beginning to bloom, then they have a great future ahead. If you see before yourself at a flower store fully opened buds, do not buy their beauty, because most likely they do not have long – 2 or 3 days maximum.

Pay attention to the lower petals of roses or carnations, if they are a little deformed – this is no problem. These petals protect the rest from wilting. But if the petals underneath have already fallen, that means the wilting process is already underway and the seller is just trying to cover it up.

Make Sure the Flowers are Fresh


Not all flower varieties can stay in water for more than two weeks, even with the right care. White roses, as well as teal and pink, are considered the most resistant. Their records of staying fresh can be broken only by chrysanthemums – their limit is four weeks. Tulips and daffodils are the weakest, they will delight you after cutting at best for a week. Carnations are not compatible with other flowers, alone they will last much longer than with neighbors.


Giving flowers is a long-standing tradition. The original composition better than any words will help to express the emotions to the recipient. Classic bouquets are the most popular, but sometimes you want to please a loved one with a non-standard gift.

Original bouquets, which include bouquets of fruit or dried flowers, are a great way to express feelings and please a loved one. The creative composition should be chosen, taking into account the preferences of the recipient, age, and occasion.

February 14 is the best day to present heart-shaped flowers. The florist will help to create a multi-component composition for a vase or in the form of an oasis. This is very convenient because the plants do not need to be watered, the bouquet will retain its beauty and freshness for a long time thanks to the sponge that hides underneath.

The composition of fruit or sweets is an interesting option for Valentine’s Day. The bouquet can be assembled from favorite goodies and decorated with beautiful flowers.


Flowers are a universal gift, which can please any person with a demonstration of attention. The exceptions are people who are allergic to flowers: even the most beautiful composition, made with love, in the best case will cause a runny nose and spoil the holiday. However, this does not mean that a girl with a specific reaction to flowers will have to leave without floral surprises.

Flowers that do not cause allergies:

  • Orchids;
  • Roses;
  • Alstromeria;
  • Eustoms;
  • Tulips;
  • Daffodils.

Knowing which varieties can be given to people with allergies, you can choose the right bouquet and make the gift safe, and the celebration even more joyful.


How To Pick Flowers For a Valentine's Day

In addition to a bouquet, you can give a floral arrangement in a hat box, envelope, purse, or heart-shaped. Flowers in such compositions are in a special floral sponge, so it is convenient to transport them for a long time and easy to hide.

We also recommend looking at potted plants. There is even a special plant in a shape of a heart – Kerry hoia – it is customary to give it to lovers on February 14 in some countries.


What Flowers Do You Give On Valentines Day?

Any flower can become a gift for February 14th, but red roses are the most popular choice.

How Do I Choose A Good Flower Bouquet?

Make sure that the flowers are fresh and your partner does not have an allergy to a particular flower – these are the basic rules.

What Is The Best Flower For Valentine's Day?

The one that your partner likes the most. If you are looking for a safe option then red roses are your choice.

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