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Dubai Bus Service

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The Public Transport Agency provides public transport with a total of 1,518 buses. The PTA uses an expanded network of 119 internal lines, including 35 lines connecting to municipal stations, 12 city lines to transport passengers to other emirates, 62 internal lanes and 8 fast lines. The Dubai Bus network covers 82% of Dubai’s urban areas, and transports about 369,248 passengers a day.

Dubai Bus Facilities

Air conditioned

Working on all buses at all times

Cafeteria & vending machines

Available and installed in all main Dubai bus stops

E-Card Machines

Tag in and out, with convenience

Facilities for people with Special Needs

Space for wheelchairs and more

Information screens

Multiple Screens hosting bus stops information and general notifications

NOL top up machines

Present on all main Dubai bus stops

Parking for taxis and bicycles

Parking spot for taxis and cycle stands for Bicycles on the main stations

Separate women compartment

Dedicated section for women, children and families

Rules & Etiquette

  1. While waiting at the bus stop, do not enter the bus stop. Please sign the bus to stop.
  2. Stay away from bus doors until the driver opens it to let you board.
  3. Climb the bus through the front door and down the back door. Ladies and children can go down the front door.
  4. Do not talk or arguments with the bus driver.
  5. Do not play or use any musical instrument or sound system in a way that offends other passengers or the bus driver.
  6. Do not beg or ask for help while on the bus.
  7. If you wish to get off at an authorized bus stop, press the stops.
  8. Do not attempt to leave the bus until the bus has stopped completely.

Sharjah Bus Service

In 2014, His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al-Qasimi, Member of the Executive Council and Governor of Sharjah, issued a proclamation No. 6 of 2014 regarding the establishment of the Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority (SRTA) to keep pace with development. and the rapid growth of the Sharjah Emirate.

Since 2014, the authority has been determined to play a role in supporting the success of the Sharjah Government and in compliance with the prosperity of Sharjah in view of His Exaltation, may Allah protect him.

SRTA achieves a number of objectives by providing the most important services namely road and sea services, all transport services and services and integrated public transport services that provide high quality services, promoting the use of public transport and establishing a modern road network comprised of most modern traffic systems, international traffic planning by studying, planning, designing, constructing and maintaining a network of roads, bridges and tunnels in a manner that ensures safety and security and is in line with climate change and the environment.

In addition, SRTA oversees the Emirate Roads and Transport Sector by developing short-term and long-term road project strategies to develop or build new projects in collaboration with competent authorities, to manage road infrastructure projects and projects, to propose toll gate systems, to control and plan traffic. sign boards and road signs for the right of way and issuing first permits for billboards.

In addition, the authority formulates general policy for the transport sector, proposes the necessary strategic plans to implement them, evaluates the transport sector, regulates public transport, sets the conditions for professional licenses, standards and transport regulations in the Emirate in collaboration with competent authorities. , trains taxi drivers, public transport and inter-city bus drivers and news, renews and cancels professional driver and driver’s licenses for various activities within the professional authorities.

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