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Al Noor Island Tickets Price & Location

Al Noor Island Sharjah has grown into a popular hub for locals and tourists seeking relaxation in the emirate. Stepping on Noor Island, Sharjah is like being transported to a completely different world that attracts things that stimulate thinking.
From spectacularly illuminated exhibitions and unique artwork to the beautiful flying butterflies and the perimeter of the Literature Pavilion – this place has tons that you can give to anyone who wants some time away from city life and Sharjah supermarkets. Here’s what you need to know about Al Noor Island in Sharjah

al noor island sharjah ticket price

Attraction In AL Noor Island Sharjah

Whether you are a nature lover or a cultural vulture, there is plenty to do on Al Noor Island, which makes it a great weekend getaway for those who live in apartment buildings or rented houses in Sharjah.
Home to more than 500 butterflies of 20 rare species, Butterfly House on Al Noor Island is a fascinating place. This dreamy space is located inside an ergonomically designed structure, an environmentally inspired structure that retains moisture and allows natural light to penetrate the butterfly environment.

Covered with vegetation, the butterfly house provides a sacred place and concealment to make the butterflies feel at home. Some of the beautiful butterfly wings of Butterfly House include pink rose, emerald swallowtail and jay tails.

Al Noor Island Sharjah Butterfly House Tickets Price

butterfly house al noor island sharjah

Entry to the Butterfly House costs an additional amount besides your entry ticket. Details for the guided Butterfly House tour add-on are as follows:


  • AED 15 for 13 years and older; 
  • AED 10 for each child aged 3 – 12


  • Monday to Sunday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Al Noor Island Architecture

Buildings that seem like a dream against the future of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. German company 3Deluxe – Transdisciplinary Design designed the elements in Noor Island Park, an attractive garden where technology meets nature.

Al Noor Island Architecture

This is Al Noor Island Park, a short distance from the Sharjah desert city, with its towering buildings forming a distant background. Noor Island, meaning “light” has been transformed into a poetry site by 3deluxe – Transdisciplinary Design, a German studio that combines design, architecture, art and pop culture for more than 20 years.

Noor Cafe

noor cafe al noor island

The island is a great place to relax – and now get food at our cafe – be it breakfast, lunch or dinner – all including the price of your ticket!

– Price: AED 65

– Hours: 9 AM to 11 PM (Weekdays – Saturday to Wednesday); 9 AM to 12 AM (Weekends – Thursday and Friday)

– Last order: 10:00 PM during the week; 11 PM On weekends

* Please note that Butterfly House is not included in this price and may be purchased as a separate supplement.

Discover The Night Sky From Al Noor Island

Discover the night sky from Al Noor Island

Look at powerful telescopes and gaze at the moon and other celestial objects at night in all their splendor.

Our astronomers will be your guides in the night sky.

Price: AED 75 Adult / Child

Times: Sunset to closing time (11 PM during the week and 12 Midnight on weekends)

The availability of Sky Watch depends on weather conditions.


LITERATURE PAVILION al noor island sharjah

Focus on your favorite book in comfortable cushions, write down your thoughts in complete peace or just find inspiration in verses of poetry. The Literature Pavilion in the Island is where readers and writers seek solace in the bustling city life to explore books, poems and all that pertains to writing.

Bright background music, cool fountain sounds, well-designed living spaces and hidden calligraphic displays create an open forum for the exchange of ideas and textual expressions.

Playground Al Noor Island


Open running spaces and tricky ropes to navigate. For our younger guests, The Playground promises endless hours of fun. Built in the natural environment of the Island and surrounded by abundant trees and plants, it is a place where children can enjoy some quality outdoor time in a safe and controlled environment while being able to watch from the comfort of shady living quarters nearby.

Illumination & light objects

night light al noor island sharjah

What is an attractive island that has no sparkle and sparkle? Lighting is at the heart of the design and ambience of the Island. The inclusion of art, architectural designs and landscapes are spectacular displays of intensity of intensity with a variety of colors depending on the different hours of the day. Committed to sustainable lighting practices, LED is a key component of illuminating island buildings, walkways, trees and bridges.

As the sun sets, they find themselves in the midst of shining fairy tales, warm lights, and brightly colored noses that make for a delightful night.

Family Packages

family packages al noor island

Junior Butterfly Keeper

  • Guided tour at the Butterfly House with an educator
  • A 1-hour training experience on butterfly rearing and raising. Participants benefit from learning with the educator on butterfly husbandry.
  • Price: AED 200 for Family for 1 hour
  • Age Limit: 6-15 years old
  • *5 family members 

Young Island Explorer

  • Guided tour of the Butterfly House with an educator
  • Self-guided island tour
  • Explorer Experience (all ticket holders will be provided with a specially designed map and an explorer toy kit to explore and discover the island’s hidden wonders.
  • Price: AED 250 for Family
  • *5 family memebers 

Yoga at Sunrise

yoga at sunrise in al noor island sharjah

Meditate and revitalize yourself 

Take a deep breath and feel the freshness. Reconnect with nature and feel alive.

Take part in our sunrise yoga sessions held on the second Saturday of every month.

Price: AED 50 Adult (Ladies only)

Timings: 8 AM to 9AM

For enquiries, suggestions and feedback, please feel free to get in touch with Al Noor Island

[email protected]

or 06 506 7000

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