Fazaa Card Benefits And Eligibility

Fazaa Card: Benefits and Eligibility | Apply Today!

What is the Fazaa card?

The Fazaa card is a reward and loyalty program designed for customers of the Fazaa brand in the United Arab Emirates. It offers a wide range of benefits and services to its cardholders, such as discounts, exclusive offers, and free services from various Fazaa partners across numerous industries, including dining, travel, health, beauty, and more.

There are four different cards: platinum, gold, silver, and discount, which are determined by the cardholder’s status and usage. Each level comes with its own set of benefits and perks, such as used card benefits and medical services. But all of them include store and hotel discounts, car insurance, and 24/7 emergency services.

The card is not limited to individual customers only, as businesses can also enroll in the Fazaa corporate program for their employees. The Fazaa corporate program provides customized benefits and services that cater to the needs of the company and its employees, making it a valuable tool for enhancing employee motivation and engagement.

Benefits of the Fazaa Card

  • Discounts and offers at over 1,200 outlets in the UAE, including restaurants, airlines, entertainment, and shopping.
  • Exclusive healthcare packages, insurance, and wellness programs.
  • Free roadside assistance and emergency services 24/7.
  • Cashless transactions. 
  • Payments with facial recognition. 
  • Spend tracker. Receive notifications on deals, and make bill payments from a single integrated platform.
  • Benefits for businesses. The card can be used to pay salaries to employees and streamline payments for suppliers.


From shopping and traveling to health and more. Check out the discounts:

  • Fazaa Discounts for Entertainment: 15% to 40%
  • Fazaa Discounts for Hotels: 25% to 40%
  • Fazaa Discounts for Shopping: 15% to 20%

How to use the Fazaa Card?

Simply load money onto your account via bank transfer or deposit cash at any Fazaa kiosk or Salik recharge machine. You can then use the card for purchases at any participating outlet. You can also check your balance and transactions on the Fazaa app.

Types of Fazaa Cards

Here’s a general comparison of the different types of cards:

Fazaa Cards

Fazaa CardBenefits
PlatinumExclusive for employees of the Ministry of Interior
Gold card benefits and:
- AL Qard Al Hasan
- Medical Services
GoldSilver card benefits and:
- Long Term Car Lease
SilverDiscount card benefits and:
- Fazaa Used Cars
- Personal Accident Compensation
DiscountDiscounts at outlets, including stores and hotels.
- Car Insurance
- Car Rental Service
- Health

How to get Fazaa card?

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide:

  1. Visit the Fazaa website and navigate to the “Become a Member” tab.
  2. Provide your name, contact details, and Emirates ID.
  3. Include your company name and designation
  4. Confirm your identity through an SMS verification process.
  5. Choose the subscription plan and accept the terms and conditions.
  6. Submit your application and await confirmation.

Fazaa card eligibility

To be eligible, interested individuals must meet certain criteria and abide by certain rules. Here’s a breakdown:

1. UAE Residents: Applicants should be UAE residents and at least 18 years of age.

2. Valid Emirates ID: Applicants should hold a valid Emirates ID, which will be used during the application process.

4. Private Sector Employees: To be eligible, applicants must be employed by a company that is registered with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) and is part of the Fazaa program.

5. Public Sector Employees: Employees of the Ministry of the Interior, government, and semi-governmental entities, Hemam, and Frontline members are also eligible.

The Fazaa program aims to promote employee welfare and improve their quality of life by granting them access to exclusive benefits and discounts

If you are a company that would like to become a Fazaa partner then you can go to the ‘become a partner’ tab on the Fazaa main website. 

Why the Fazaa card is a great benefit for employees?

The Fazaa card is a great benefit for employees as it offers them discounts and rewards on their everyday expenses, making their salary stretch further. Moreover, it provides valuable services such as emergency roadside assistance, healthcare packages, and wellness programs that enhance their quality of life.

How to get a Fazaa card for expats?

To obtain a Fazaa card as an expat, there are a few simple steps that need to be followed. Firstly, one needs to fill out an application form for the Fazaa program. This can be done online on the Fazaa website or in person at any of the authorized centers.

The application form requires basic personal information such as name, address, and contact details. It is also important to provide one’s residency visa details to verify eligibility.

Once the application is submitted, the processing time is usually within a week, after which the applicant will receive a notification informing them of whether their application has been accepted or not.

If the application is approved, the card will be issued and collected from the authorized center. The card is also available for delivery, preserving your comfort and convenience.

Can my family use my Fazaa card?

Card holders can extend their discount to the following immediate family members (first-degree relatives):

  • Father
  • Mother
  • Wife
  • Children
  • Siblings

To avail of the discount, simply present any valid proof such as a family book or Emirates ID.

What is the Toll-Free Number?

Fazaa hotline is 600520003

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