Hafilat Card Balance Check Online

Hafilat Card Balance Check

For those residing in or visiting Abu Dhabi, you may have heard of the Hafilat Card. It is a smart card used for public transportation within the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The card allows you to purchase ferry and bus trips and can be loaded with cash for multiple travels.

Introduced to enhance public transportation in Abu Dhabi, the Hafilat Card can be found at various locations such as Abu Dhabi Bus Stations and customer service centers. It is easily rechargeable online, at vending machines, and through ticket vending machines. The card offers discounts for frequent Abu Dhabi bus commuters and students.

Follow these 3 simple steps to check your hafilat card balance online.

How to Check Hafilat Card Balance:


  1. Go to https://hafilat.darb.ae and choose “Recharge Card”.
  2. Enter the card’s serial number and select OK
  3. You will be able to see your balance on the following screen.

Mobile App

  1. Use the Darb mobile app, available for both iOS and Android devices.
  2. Check your Hafilat card balance easily with the application.

At Ticket Vending Machines

If you are at a bus stop or transportation hub, you can check your Hafilat card balance using the vending machines for tickets. Just insert your card and follow the on-screen instructions to verify your balance.

FAQ Hafilat Card Balance Check

How do I charge my card for bus travel within Abu Dhabi?

  1. Go to https://hafilat.darb.ae
  2. Select “Recharge Card”.
  3. Enter the card’s serial number and select OK
  4. Select “Recharge”
  5. Enter the amount of credit you want and select OK
  6. You will be redirected to the payment platform
  7. You will receive a text message or email confirmation

Where can I buy a Hafilat Card?

Hafilat Cards are conveniently accessible at Ticket Vending Machines located at bus stops throughout the city, as well as at key locations such as Abu Dhabi International Airport, Central Bus Station, and Mussafah Bus Station.

You can also find Ticket Vending Machines at various malls including Abu Dhabi Mall, Al Raha Mall, Mazyad Mall, and Yas Mall, making it effortless for you to obtain a Hafilat Card.

What is the price of the hafilat card?

Hafilat card price is 10 AED.

Does the Hafilat card have to be renewed?

The Hafilat card is valid for 30 days from the day of purchase.

What’s the minimum recharge of the Hafilat card?

The minimum loading amount is 18 AED.

Can I use Hafilat in Dubai?

No, Hafilat can only be used in Abu Dhabi. You can use hafilat card to travel from Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station to Dubai. You can pay for the ticket in cash as well.

Do I have to use a Hafilat card for travel between Abu Dhabi and Dubai?

The Hafilat pass is valid for all intercity and regional buses operating from Abu Dhabi. It includes public buses from Abu Dhabi to Dubai. You also have the option to pay cash for intercity buses.

What is the best way to pay for buses within Abu Dhabi?

If you live in Abu Dhabi, it is recommended to pay for bus tickets using the Hafilat card. Fill it up with cash and swipe it before and after each trip. The price is calculated daily based on the distance traveled. Monthly and weekly tickets are available.

What is the cost of a Hafilat bus ticket between Abu Dhabi and Dubai?

A one-way Abu Dhabi to Dubai bus ticket costs AED 25.

Is it possible for tourists to obtain a Hafilat Card?

Tourists can also get a hafilat card. You can easily obtain them from any Ticket Vending Machine.

How can I find Hafilat card vending machines near me?

You can download DARBI app to locate the nearest Ticket Vending Machine near you:

Download: Android & iPhone: