Dubai Tram Map

Dubai Tram Map

🚊 Dubai Tram

📍 Designed to be an essential part of Dubai’s public transport network, the Dubai Tram offers a safe and reliable way to travel around the city. It seamlessly connects with the Dubai Metro and the Palm Monorail, making it convenient for commuters and tourists alike.

🌇 Route Highlights:

  • 🏖️ Jumeirah Beach Road
  • 🏙️ Dubai Marina
  • 🏘️ Jumeirah Beach Residence
  • 📺 Dubai Media City
  • 🏝️ Palm Jumeirah
  • 🏢 Dubai Pearl
  • 📚 Dubai Knowledge Village

🚋 Trams loop around the stunning Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Beach Residence, taking passengers on a scenic journey. From there, they travel along Al Sufouh Road, passing through key landmarks, such as Dubai Media City, the Palm Jumeirah, the Dubai Pearl, and Dubai Knowledge Village.

🗺️ Dubai Tram Map

🚋 The Dubai Tram 🌴 connects Dubai Metro to Palm Monorail along scenic Jumeirah Beach Road and Al Sufouh Road. It passes Dubai Media City, Palm Jumeirah, and Dubai Knowledge Park, taking you through popular tourist areas like Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Beach Residence. 🌊

✅ Launched in November 2014, the Dubai Tram was created to reduce traffic congestion in these tourist hotspots.

🗺️ Here’s a Dubai Tram Map route and how it connects with the Dubai Metro and Palm Jumeirah Monorail:

Dubai Tram Map
Dubai Tram Map

⚙️ The Dubai Tram features a modern, fully automated track system. It uses platform display doors and alarms – you’ll hear audible beeps and see flashing lights when doors open and close.

👉 Key facts about the Dubai Tram Map:

  • Each tram can accommodate around 400 passengers
  • Special taxis dedicated to women and children are available
  • Gold-class cabins provide extra space and comfort

📍 Dubai Tram Map Route 2023

Dubai Tram Route
Dubai Tram Map Route

📍 Dubai Tram Map Route Overview:

  • Circular route from Al Sufouh to JBR via Dubai Marina
  • Total of 11 stations

🚊 Tram Direction:

  • Tram moves in one direction around the JBR area

🔄 Route Details:

  • Al Sufouh to JBR, passing through Dubai Marina, JLT, and the Marina
  • Tram returns to Al Sufouh
  • Signs may indicate the tram goes to Jumeirah Lakes Towers but continues on the entire route

🚶 Accessibility:

  • Elevated section along Sheikh Zayed Road side of Dubai Marina
  • 3 stations along this section, linking with Dubai Metro
  • 6 stations along Al Sufouh Road, just past Knowledge Village

🚊🔗 Connections:

  • Dubai Metro: Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Lakes Towers
  • Palm Monorail: Palm Jumeirah station
  • Bus Stations: Jumeirah Beach Residence 1 & 2. Media City Bus Station.
  • Short walk with lift access between tram and metro/monorail & bus stations.

🌍 Dubai Tram Interactive Map

🕑 Tram Timings

Dubai Tram Timings in 2023:

  • Monday to Saturday: 06:00 AM to 01:00 AM
  • Sunday: 09:00 AM to 01:00 AM

Train frequency:

  • Every 8 to 10 minutes.

LED screens in the tram stations provide real-time information about the next arriving tram, ensuring you have easy access to know when the next tram is due.

🚩 Tram Stations

The Dubai tram takes about 40 minutes from one end to the other.

Dubai Tram
English NameArabic NameInterchange
Jumeriah Beach Residence 1أبراج شاطئ الجميرا 1
Jumeriah Beach Residence 2أبراج شاطئ الجميرا 2
Jumeriah Lakes Towersأبراج بحيرات الجميراDMCC (R37)
Dubai Marina Mallدبي مارينا مول
Dubai Marinaدبي ماريناSobha Realty (R36)
Marina Towersأبراج المارينا
Mina Seyahiالميناء السياحي
Media Cityمدينة دبي للإعلام
Palm Jumeriahنخلة جميراMonorail
Knowledge Villageقرية المعرفة
Al Sufouhالصفوح

✅ Tram Ticket Price

  • 🎫 Same tickets as the Dubai Metro 🚆
  • 💰 Price depends on the number of zones you travel
  • All tram stations in phase one are in Zone 2 🔢
  • Only 3 AED for a single tram journey within Zone 2 (using a silver Nol card) 💳
  • 🚍 Nol card can be used for Dubai Tram, bus, and Metro
  • Children under 5 travel for free 🧒🏻🆓
  • Get a Nol card at tram/Metro stations, bus stations, RTA offices, or supermarkets 🛒
  • Nol card is the only payment method 🙌
  • No ticket offices, only ticket machines at tram stations 💻
  • Assistance available at tram stations 🤝
  • One ticket price for tram, metro, and bus 🏟️🚋🚌
  • Travel across multiple zones as needed 📶

Dubai Tram Ticket Fares 2023 🎟️

Metro Price 2023
1 Zone363
2 Adjacent Zones5105
+2 Zones7.5157.5
Metro Red Ticket Price 2023
Red Ticket (Regular)Red Ticket (Gold)
1 Zone48
2 Adjacent Zones612
+2 Zones8.517

🅿️ Dubai Tram Parking

🚘 Location: Palm Gateway building, adjacent to Palm Monorail

🔑 Getting to the parking area:

  • Drive along Al Sufouh Road towards Palm
  • Stay in the left-hand lane before turning right onto Palm
  • The parking entrance is approximately 40 yards ahead

🅿️ Parking Information:

  • Proceed to Level 3
  • Palm Monorail entrance at one end
  • Tram entrance at the other end (availability may vary)
  • Additional parking levels may be available

⏰ Note: Tram end of car park may become busy later in the day

⚡ Access to Tram Stop:

  • Follow the walkway from the car park
  • Cross the road to reach the tram stop (2-minute walk)
  • Please be aware of a brief outdoor section
  • Elevators available for those who require assistance

💰 Parking Charges: Look out for applicable fees

🅿️ Alternative Parking:

  • JBR and Marina areas may have other parking options

🏢 Tram Facilities & Equipment

Dubai Tram Stations

✅ Wi-fi on the move: Enjoy seamless Wi-Fi access throughout the entire Tram network. Stay connected while you travel!

📶 Complete Mobile Coverage: Experience uninterrupted mobile phone coverage across the Tram network. Stay connected wherever you go!

👮‍♂️ Dedicated Tram Police: Your safety is top priority. There is a dedicated Tram Police force to ensure everyone follows the rules and regulations.

📞 Emergency Call Box: In case of any emergency, every train and station is equipped with an Emergency Call Box (ECB) for immediate assistance.

📻 Integrated Radio Link: The Tram is seamlessly connected to emergency services through an integrated radio system, ensuring swift response in case of any situation.

    🌐 Accessibility for Tram Users

    ✅ Convenience and Ease of Use: The Dubai tram prioritizes your convenience and ease of use, ensuring greater comfort and easy accessibility for all users.

    🔍 Tactile Guidance Path: 📍

    • Contrasting tactile guidance path for those with difficulty in seeing.

    🚉 Platform Alerts: 📢

    • Audible beeps when doors open and close.
    • Corresponding flashing light signals.

    ♿️ Wheelchair Access: ♿️

    • Dedicated spaces for wheelchair users on all trains.

    🆙 Lift Access: 🛗

    • Lift access available to all metro station levels.

    📺 Informative Displays: 📺

    • Information displayed on screens throughout trains and stations.

    📌 Rules & Code of Conduct

    Etiquette 🤝

    1️⃣ Don’t push.
    2️⃣ Respect personal space.
    3️⃣ Move along the platform.
    4️⃣ Give way to others.
    5️⃣ Move down into the cabins.
    6️⃣ Allow passengers to get off the train before you board.

    Baggage Policy 🧳

    🛅 Two Suitcases Permitted Per Passenger

    📦 1 x Large Suitcase
    – Dimensions: 81cm x 58cm x 30cm

    📦 1 x Small Suitcase
    – Dimensions: 55cm x 38cm x 20cm

    🔒 All luggage must be stowed in the dedicated luggage area, which can be found in each cabin.

    ✅ Travel with confidence knowing your baggage is in good hands! 👍

    🚊 Dubai Tram Network Project

    ✅ Accelerated by the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA)
    ✅ Opened in 2014
    ✅ Dubai Tram Map updated in Summer 2023

    📈 Impact:

    • In 2007, congestion accounted for 3.15% of GDP
    • 5.6 million passengers from January to August 2023
    • Mainly concentrated in the city

    🚍 Solution:

    • Updated and expanded bus fleet
    • Introducing low-emission vehicles for taxi operations
    • Metro system providing services since 2009

    🔍 Consulting firm involvement:

    • MVA and Systra, participating in Dubai’s public transportation planning since 2004
    • Recommended tram mode to match commuter and tourism demand
    • Enhancing RTA’s overall public transport coverage

    💼 Project Delivery:

    • In April 2008, RTA signed a €550 million phase one contract with the ABS consortium
    • ABS includes Alstom (€300 million), Besix, and Serco

    Infrastructure 🚋

    • 🏢 Fully customizable system adapting to different RTA parameters, including shelter and air conditioning with a natural temperature of around 40°C, enhancing customer appeal.
    • 🚄 Innovative use of Alstom’s channelless Ground Power (APS) system: trams driven on the ground while being overhead.
    • ✨ APS system previously used in Bordeaux tram lines since 2003, now implemented widely in Al Sufouh.
    • 🌇 No visually intrusive overhead line equipment, following Dubai Metro Map’s example with third-rail pick-up.
    • 🚶 Stations Damac Property and JLT connected by a pedestrian bridge, facilitating public transport.
    • 📍 Terminal 9, located at 9 Al Sufouh Street on the shores of Palm Jumeirah Island:
      • 🏗️ 11-story warehouse housing 25 trams, operations management center, maintenance workshop, garage, warehouse, and office building.
      • 🛤️ Four pedestrian bridges with roof and escalators for tram drivers.
      • 🌉 Two bridges on Al Sufouh Street accessible from both sides, connecting Tecum and Dubai Marina Mall.