Dubai Tram

Dubai Tram

The Dubai Tram is one of the safest modes of public transport in the world and is designed to be an essential part of Dubai’s transport network. The tram line connects the Dubai Metro and the Palm Monorail and runs along Al Sufouh Street and Jumeirah Beach Road.

Dubai Tram Stations

The Dubai Tram runs in one loop that takes approximately 40 minutes end to end and the Trams run approximately every 6 to 8 minutes. There is a Total of 11 Tram Stations which start from Jumairah Lake Towers and the last station is Al Sufoah. you will find the Dubai Tram Stations List below :

1. Jumeirah Beach Residence 1 (JBR)

2. Jumeirah Beach Residence 2 (JBR)

3. Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT): Links with the Dubai Metro

4. Dubai Marina Mall

5. Dubai Marina: Links with the Dubai Metro

6. Marina Towers

7. Mina Al Seyahi

8. Media City

9. Palm Jumeirah: Links with the Palm Monorail

10. Knowledge Village

11. Al Sufouh


Dubai Tram Timings are as below:

  • Monday To Saturday: 6:00 AM To 1:00 AM ( Next Day)
  • Sunday: 9:00 AM To 1:00 AM (Next day)

The Trams run approximately every 6 to 8 minutes.

Tram Ticket Price

The Dubai Tram has a fixed fare of AED 3 (approx. $0.82 USD) per ride, regardless of the distance traveled. Passengers must obtain a Nol Card to ride the tram; you can purchase one at any of the tram or Metro stations. A Nol Card is used by passengers to check in and out of the tram by scanning the card at the platform screen doors. 

Typically residents of Dubai have blue, silver or gold Nol Cards, while travelers and visitors opt for red or silver. For passengers using a Red Nol Card, the cost is a bit higher – AED 4 per ride (approx. $1.10 USD).

Children under 5 travel for free, while those over 5 will need a Nol card. Students can enjoy a 50% discount if they apply for a blue Nol Card.

Dubai Tram Ticket Price Details as below :

Silver Nol card : AED 3

Gold Nol card :  AED 6

Blue Nol card :  AED 4

Red Nol ticket : AED 3

Dubai Tram Full Tour

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Dubai Tram Route Map

Dubai Tram Route Map 2022


  • Free Wi-Fi :Wi-Fi connection throughout the metro network. Complete mobile phone coverage across the network.
  • Mobile coverage : Complete mobile phone coverage across the network.
  • Reserved Metro Police : Dedicated tram police to enforce the rules
  • Emergency mailbox : An Emergency Call Box (ECB) is available in every train and station.
  • Radio Link : Integrated radio system between the subway and the emergency services.


Sometimes people try to avoid driving because of traffic wasps. But they also don’t want to walk a long distance to get to the Dubai Tram Station. In that case, you can use the multi-storey garage on Al Sufouh Road in Palm Jumeirah. The parking is free for Dubai Tram passengers. You can walk to Palm Jumeirah station and continue your journey.

Dubai Tram Fines



Using public transport or its facilities without payig the fare

AED 200

Failure to present Nol card upon request

AED 200

Using an expired Nol Card

AED 200

Using an invalid Nol card

AED 500

Using someone else’s Nol card

AED 200

Selling Nol Cards without permission from the authority

AED 200

Using a fake Nol card

AED 500

Throwing waste on the tracks

AED 500

Access probihited areas without authorisation

AED 1000

Crossing the tracks from undesignated areas

AED 1000

Interfering with the operation or safety of the tram

AED 2000

Intercepting the tram on the tracks without authorisation

AED 3000

Entry into restricted areas

AED 100

Standing or Sitting in non passenger areas

AED 100

Putting feet on the seats

AED 100

Selling goods or commodities inside the tram

AED 200

Failure to comply with the instruction of the inspectors

AED 200

Using public transport in a manner contrary to the authority’s instructions mentioned

AED 200

Other Details

Each tram can accommodate up to 400 people and includes a section exclusively for women and children. Trams also have a gold class, which costs more for a one-way trip (6-8 dirhams) but offers more space and more comfort for passengers. Season tickets are also available for those who plan to use the tram more consistently.

FAQ About Dubai Tram

How do you Pay for tram in Dubai?

you need to buy a Nol card to pay in Dubai Tram. you can purchase the nol card at any one of the tram or metro, bus stations

How often does the Dubai Tram run?

the Trams run approximate every 6 to 8 minutes

Can you use Metro ticket on tram?

You can use the same nol card to travel on Dubai Metro, Buses, Tram and marine transport modes like Water Buses.

In which city do trams run?

Tram available only in Dubai.

How much is the dubai tram ticket price?

Dubai tram ticket price as below:

Silver Nol card : AED 3

Gold Nol card :  AED 6

Blue Nol card :  AED 4

Red Nol ticket : AED 3

Is parking free in dubai tram?

yes, the parking is free for dubai tram passengers