Fujairah To Dubai Bus

fujairah to dubai bus

E700 Fujairah To Dubai Bus

Fujairah To Dubai

E700 bus route from Dubai to Fujairah has 13 stops departing fromĀ Choithrams Supermarket Fujairah and ending inĀ Union Metro Bus Station.

  • The distance of the route is 120 Km
  • The travel time is 2:25 hours
  • The bus ticket fare is 25 AED
  • Departs fromĀ Choithrams SupermarketĀ 1Ā 
  • Arrives at Union Square Bus Station 6
  • The bus departs every 90 minutes from 5:15 AM to 10:45 PM
  • The first bus of the day departs at 5:15 AM
There is a back route available for bus E700 that goes from Dubai toĀ Fujairah.

Don’t forget to check yourĀ NOL card balance,Ā and toĀ recharge your NOL card.

E700 Bus Timetable


5:15 AM to 10:45 PM


5:15 AM to 10:45 PM


5:15 AM to 10:45 PM


5:15 AM to 10:45 PM


5:15 AM to 10:45 PM


5:15 AM to 10:45 PM


5:15 AM to 10:45 PM

Bus Timings From Fujairah

Bus departures fromĀ Choithrams SupermarketĀ 1:

  • 5:15 AMĀ Ā 
  • 8:00 AMĀ 
  • 9:30 AMĀ 
  • 11:00 AMĀ 
  • 12:30 PMĀ 
  • 2:00 PMĀ 
  • 3:30 PMĀ 
  • 5:00 PMĀ 
  • 6:30 PMĀ 
  • 8:00 PMĀ 
  • 9:30 PMĀ 
  • 10:45 PM

Fujairah To Dubai Bus Fare 2023

Traveling by Dubai RTA bus from Fujairah to Dubai is the cheapest way to travel. A one-way ticket price is 28 AED.

E700 Bus Route From Fujairah

  1. Fujairah, Choithrams Supermarket
  2. Fujairah, Etisalat
  3. Fujairah Bus Station
  4. Fujairah, Ajman University
  5. Masafi, Police Station
  6. Masafi, Friday Market
  7. Thoban ENOC Petrol Station
  8. Dhaid, Central Region Department
  9. Dhaid, Post Office
  10. Sharjah Cement Factory
  11. Centrepoint Metro Bus Stop, Royal Air WingĀ 
  12. Airport Terminal 1, External Parking
  13. DNATA
  14. Union Square Bus Station

E700 Fujairah to Dubai Route Map

Other Transport options

Public transport is the most widely utilized travel service. But are you looking for a quicker way to get from Fujairah to Dubai? Consider taking a taxi, although the fare is higher at 300 AED (90 USD). The journey takes approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes.

You can also consider taking an Uber! Not only are the prices similar to taxis, but Uber offers additional flexibility and convenience. With just a few taps on your smartphone, you can book your ride hassle-free!

Fujairah International Airport to Dubai

You are near Fijairah Etisalat Bus Station. You have two options to reach there, you can enjoy a 20-minute walk or hop in a taxi for 15 AED.

FAQ Fujairah To Dubai Timing

Is bus service available from Fujairah to Dubai?

Yes, E700 bus is available from Fujairah to Dubai

How much is bus fare from fujairah to Dubai?

Fujairah to Dubai bus fare is 28 AED

Is there bus from Fujairah to Union?

the bus Number E700 is going from Fujairah to Union bus station Dubai.

Is there a direct bus between Fujairah city and Dubai?

yes, you can get direct bus from Fujairah, Choithrams
Supermarket to Union metro bus station Dubai.

How many buses operate from Fujairah to Dubai?

E700 is the only bus available from Fujairah to DubaiĀ 

How much does it cost from Fujairah to Dubai?

If you travel from Fujairah to Dubai by bus so it will cost you approx. 28 AED only.

Where do i catch the Fujairah to Dubai bus from?

you can get the E700 bus from Choithrams Supermarket in Fujairah City to Dubai.

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  1. Patricia Mas

    Hi Dubai to Fujairah is running Saturday?

  2. haddar

    is it possible to take luggage on the bus

  3. Sharfu

    If need go abudabi mornning bus service need more 5:15 6:30 8 like this

    1. admin

      Please check table above

  4. Roaster

    Is there any bus from fujairah to dubai at 08:30pm

    1. admin

      8PM and aftre that 9:30

  5. Kim

    Is there a bus leaving fujairah today at 2pm?

    1. admin

      2:10 pm from Choithrams Supermarket

  6. Abu Unais

    Is NOL Card compulsory to pay – from Fujairah (E700) ?

    1. admin

      Yes, only NOL card is accepted. You can get a Red Ticket in any ticket vending machine or ticket office in metro stations.

  7. Sherin

    What is fujairah to dubai bus timing after 12 noon on friday

  8. Amrit

    Yes, only NOL card is accepted. You can get a Red Ticket in any ticket vending machine or ticket office in metro stations.
    But my confusion in the fujahara area where we can recharge nol card

  9. Jenny

    Is there any bus this sunday night dubai fujairah at 8pm?because last week they said bus in 12 am no 8pm

    1. admin

      Yes, tonight 8pm departing Union Square Bus Station terminal 6

  10. sahal

    fujairah to dubai airport direct bus available ?

    1. admin

      E700 is the best route. Depending where you get the bus you have 8/12 stops and 2 hours. See table above.

  11. Shinoy

    Cash payment accepted or no

  12. Loveness

    What time does the bus start fron fujairah to Dubai
    1st bus timing?
    2nd bus timing ?
    Like that

    1. admin

      Timings updated with complete list of departures.

  13. Kris

    Are u sure that there is a bus on Monday 10:45 pm.

    Tomorrow at 10:45pm I need to go (from Fujairah to Dubai) , can I make it?
    Thank you

    1. admin

      Yes, last bus @ 10:45pm from Choithrams Supermarket or next stop Etisalat station. Updated with the latest schedule from RTA.

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