7 Best Places to Visit in Dubai This Weekend

Dubai is known for its vibrant nightlife, amazing structures, and thriving economies. This luxurious metropolis is situated in the middle of the Arabian Desert. It borders the breathtaking Persian Gulf, which has kilometres of open water and the scorching sun on the other.

On weekends, the city was bustling with people who are in search of amazing yet enjoyable places to visit in order to relax and spend leisure time. This is a testimony to its oasis among the gravel, dunes and waves. It is possible to stay in Dubai and visit the famous attractions like the Museum of Future Dubai, iFly Dubai etc.


1.) Dubai Mall – Dubai Mall is a premier leisure and lifestyle destination. It houses countless shops, restaurants, cafes and entertainment venues all under one roof. In the heart of Dubai is The Dubai Mall. It is the largest mall in Dubai. The Dubai Mall has 1,200 retail shops, 2 department stores and 220 Gold Souk boutiques. There are also more than 150 food- and beverage establishments. All of these and more are found on the 12.1 million-square-foot area.
The Dubai Mall is a unique mix of shopping, leisure, dining and entertainment that’s unmatched in the world. Visitors will find the Dubai Aquarium in the mall. It is home to one of the world’s largest fish tanks, located above a 180deg tunnel. The largest indoor Gold Souks, with hundreds of gold jewellery outlets, will be a delight for all gold lovers. Fashion Avenue has many boutiques that sell haute couture designer clothing for the more upscale. KidZania is an activity centre that combines education with fun.

Best Places to Visit in Dubai

2.) Desert Safari Dubai Dubai is known for its desert splendor and it’s waiting to be discovered. Four-wheeled safaris in the desert are a popular activity for tourists to Dubai. You have the option of choosing an evening or nighttime trip and returning by 11 p.m. Or you can set up a tent in the open desert for the duration. A four-wheeler ride through the desert is fun. You may enjoy a thrilling ride over the sand hills and descend into deep caverns. Then you will ascend to the pinnacles.

You will find a Bedouin campsite where you can engage in many entertaining activities, including camel riding and sandboarding. There have been some tourists who enjoy hip twirling and a barbecue. They also have the chance to get basic henna tattoos.

dubai desert safari images

3.) Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark –  Aquaventure waterpark is the Middle East’s largest, offering unadulterated adventure, thrills and fun for visitors of all ages. It’s located on Jumeirah island in the luxurious Atlantis the Palm resort. There are plenty of experiences for adrenaline junkies, water lovers, and laid back loungers.
Dubai’s Aquaventure Aquapark has a variety of activities that will make your day memorable. The Lost Chamber Aquarium is a fantastic place to get close to aquatic animals. It boasts 65,000 species. The colorful, underwater creatures can be touched, photographed, or swam with. 

You can also join the training sessions for uninitiated divers. After completing the session successfully, you will be given a certificate that you can use to show off your new skills. By booking Atlantis Dubai Waterpark Tickets you can experience a whole lot of water-drenching activities that can make your day fun-filled & intriguing.

Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark

4.) Museum of the Future – Museum for the Future is a place of hope and creativity that has a magnificent form. The Museum is an amalgamation of immersive theatre, exhibition elements and a themed attraction. This allows you to see beyond the present and into the future.
The Museum is a groundbreaking building that will explore not only the future of artificial intelligence, but also other innovative technologies in Dubai.
The Museum of the Future Dubai looks like a shiny silver oval with an open center. This gives the structure a soaring view of the city. The Museum’s structural design is a perfect example of poetry and art. By booking a Dubai Museum of the Future Ticket you can relish the moments and save it in your memory lane for forever.
Arabic calligraphy highlights the unique quotes from Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE’s Prime Minister. The museum’s launch was attended by the prime minister who stated that it would revolutionize how knowledge and information are shared in the future.

5.) LEGOLAND Dubai – Legoland is the ultimate daydream. This 14-acre park is home to over 40 attractions and 15,000 LEGO model creations. This is a great adventure for children between 2-12 years old.
Legoland Dubai offers the opportunity to build cars and take part in Lego car races alongside your family and friends. Mindstorms offers robotics as a way to elevate construction. Legoland offers many opportunities for children to learn and become firefighters.

lego land dubai

6.) iFly Dubai – iFLY begins when you arrive at the venue in Mirdiff City Center. A smiling hostess will greet you and take you to the kiosk. If you have access to the internet, you can purchase your ticket and be taken to the training area. In this room, you will learn all about hand, arm, and leg movements. Your equipment will be checked by the instructor to ensure safety.

Once it is your turn, you will be taken inside the tunnel. You will feel a sudden rush of adrenalin and shock. You are soon up in the air and your instructor is correcting any awkward movements and flailing hands. They will also give you the right direction and movements to master gravity and air.

 In a matter of seconds, your fear and anxiety about flying, heights, as well as fear of falling are gone. You can fly like the bird that you always wanted inside the tunnel. You will find ultimate satisfaction in winning over gravity and air.

ifly dubai academy

7. Al Qudra Lake:- A picnic spot overlooking a gorgeous desert oasis sounds dreamy enough and is a must-visit attraction for your vacation getaway. At Al Qudra lake tourists can spot a number of ducks and swans floating over the oasis and rendering an even more enthralling view. With never-ending stretches of desert and low-lying green bushes, tourists can easily spot a perfect picnic spot and relax for a wonderful time.

Rent a bicycle and go paddling through the long stretches of desert pavements and participate in bird watching as well.

love lake dubai

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