Desert Safari In Dubai

What is the best time for Desert Safari in Dubai? 

The Dubai desert has many exquisite activities. You can spend your weekends enjoying the best time on the Dubai Desert safari. People from all around the world come here to enjoy and experience walking on the red dunes. 

There are several precautions for the Dubai Desert as well. Yet, there are experienced guards who are available for any mishap. 

In this article, we are going to guide you about the best activities to enjoy and how to maintain precautions. 

Best Activities in Dubai

Camel Riding 

Camel riding is one of the favorite rides of kids and adults in the Dubai Desert safari. However, it is only available in the early morning and evening because of the scorching heat of the sun. It gives you a wonderful feeling when a camel walks on the red dunes of the Desert, an absolute thrill. 

Hot Air Balloon 

Do you want to see the Desert from a 360-degree view? Then don’t forget to book a hot air balloon ride. It is the most thrilling ride in the Desert. It gives you an opportunity to fly 1,000 meters above the ground to enjoy the picturesque view. You can also take photos, also at the end of the ride, you can also take group photos. 


Sandboarding is another amusing activity to do in the Dubai desert. You can drift like you are boarding on ice. It is completely safe and secure. It is a memorable and exquisite journey to do in the Desert. 

Things in Evening Desert Safari 

There are a lot of exquisite things to do on the evening safari. There will be free sheesha offered to you during the dinner in the camps. Moreover, you can enjoy mouthwatering food such as BBQs and other Arab culture cuisines. 

You can spend the whole night under the tent provided to you on the overnight desert safari. It looks mesmerizing when you experience the night sky under the Desert. Also, you’ll have a detectable breakfast in the morning. 

Precautions to follow at the Desert 

• It is preferable to wear short pants because any insect can seep into your body. It can nauseate you, which should be avoided. 

• Don’t eat before when Land Cruiser takes you in the Desert because the surface is topsy-turvy. It can result in vomiting. 

• Don’t forget indispensable accessories such as sunblock, hats, and caps. 

• Don’t forget to bring refreshments such as mineral water with you, because people get dehydrated easily in the Desert. 

• Don’t dark color clothes, try wearing something light such as white, etc.