Dubai Dolphinarium

The Complete Guide To Dubai Dolphinarium

As the years go by, the popularity of the Dubai Dolphinarium is seen only from strength to strength. Check out our review of the Dubai Dolphinarium to find out why this is one of the undeniable attractions in Dubai, especially if you have young children.

Dubai Dolphinarium


A visit to the Dubai Dolphinarium is one of the best family experiences you can have. Although famous for its dolphin and iconic displays, the Dubai Dolphinarium has many other features that will keep you entertained for hours.

A fully ventilated facility ensures that the hot desert heat stays out. Whether you are looking for one species or a day out with the kids, the dolphin will not disappoint you. And this review of Dubai Dolphinarium will ensure that you know exactly where it is fun.

Dubai Dolphinarium Complete Guide

Located inside Dubai Creek Park.

The facility is distributed over an area of ​​54,000 sq feet.

With 6 dolphin, the Dubai Dolphinarium attracts families and animal lovers from far and wide.

Apart from dolphins, the area is also home to more than 20 different bird species and many water features.

Seal Show Dubai Dolphinarium

Experience an immersive spectacle as you watch the glorious dolphins perform at the Dubai dolphin and seal show in Dubai. The astounding skills and talent possessed by these seals and dolphins leave the audience in awe.

Watch them jump through hoops, dance, play ball, sing and juggle to put up an action-packed performance for you. The adorable fur seals are also part of the show. The dolphin and seal show in Dubai Dolphinarium takes place in the main pool surrounded by arena style seating.


  • The Dubai dolphin and seal show happen daily from Monday to Saturday.
  • There are three show times that you can choose from: 11:00 am, 02:00 pm and 06:00 pm.
  • 11:00 am shows on Monday, Friday and Saturday are discounted shows.
Dubai Dolphinarium Show Timings


  • Regular dolphin and seal show tickets cost AED 105 for adults and AED 50 for children.
  • VIP tickets are priced at AED 125 for adults and AED 85 for children.
  • Regular tickets for discounted shows cost AED 75 for adults and AED 45 for children.


Dolphin Show Dubai

Dolphin Planet Dubai is best known for “swimming with dolphins” and the review of the Dubai Dolphinarium would not be complete without mention.

This activity is great for anyone who wants to connect with dolphins and swim with them. These lovely creatures are a delight to behold as they work, but the knowledge of intimacy and intimacy with them goes further.

All work is supervised by professional dolphin trainers to ensure that you have the information to remember.


  • When swimming with the dolphins, you could choose between shallow water or deep swimming experiences.
  • Regardless of what session you choose, swimming with the dolphins takes place from Monday to Saturday.
  • Available time slots include 10:00 am, 12:00 pm, 03:00 pm and 04:00 pm.
  • You MUST book your slot(s) in advance. Call EXT 103 for booking reservation.


  • Mixed Groups: AED 475 for Shallow Water Experience and AED 630 for Deep Swimming (per person)
  • Mixed Groups: AED 1900 for Shallow Water Experience and AED 2500 for Deep Swimming (for 3 persons)


Creek Park Bird Show

Want to see the birds outside in action? The Creek Park Bird Show at the Dubai Dolphinarium is just the entertainment you need. The area is home to more than 20 rare birds and parrots that have been trained to perform tricks and communicate with humans. They will fly over your head and sit on your shoulder and do what you want while you are amazed at their beauty and ingenuity.

Buy your tickets and witness Green Winged Macaws, Red Billed Hornbill, Sulfur-crested Cockatoos, Sun Conures and more that work.


  • The show happens thrice every day from Monday to Saturday
  • Show timings: 12:15 pm, 03:15 pm and 07:15 pm


  • The Creek Park Exotic Bird Show tickets are priced at AED 30 for kids and AED 50 for adults
Creek Park Exotic Bird Show In Dubai Dolphinarium



Feel the beauty of reality in Dinema Dolphinarium’s 5D / 7D Cinema. Combining the visual effects of 3D cinema with other physical and emotional sensations, this cinema allows you to ‘see and hear’ the movie you are watching. The 7D cinema even lets you become a part of the movie and shoot at various targets until the movie lasts. This is a truly unique experience.

The 5D And 7D Cinema In Dubai
  • Tickets for both, the 5D Cinema-Movie Ride and the 7D Cinema-Shooting Game cost AED 25 per person for a 3-5 minute session


The trampoline park in Dubai Dolphinarium isn’t just for kids. It’s open for all ages and double the fun when you let your inner child out while bouncing off it. The fur seals and dolphins don’t have to be the only creatures performing acrobatics at the Dubai Dolphinarium. Don’t hold back on having a great time with your friends and family.

The Trampoline Park Dubai
  • Trampoline Park tickets cost AED 10 per person for a 15-minute session.


Challenge yourself with one of the craziest activities you can enjoy. Dubai Dolphinarium Mirror Maze is an attractive labyrinth of life-size mirrors. Once you get in there, it’s almost impossible to get out. But you can still find a way out – as strange as it may sound, touch the mirrors and let them guide you to your exit. This activity is way too much fun to miss out on.

The Mirror Maze
  • Mirror Maze tickets cost AED 25 for adults and AED 20 for children


Dubai Dolphinarium Reception
  • Entry for children under 2 years of age is free
  • Children over 12 years of age are counted as adults for tickets
  • Show timings can change any day, any time without prior notice
  • Smoking is prohibited inside the premises
  • Dubai Dolphinarium is not pet-friendly
  • Food and beverages from outside are not allowed
  • Entry into Dubai Dolphinarium is free, but you are charged for entry into Dubai Creek Park*
  • There are many Dubai Dolphinarium offers and discount deals available on apps such as Entertainer, Cobone and Groupon

*If you’re carrying your NOL card, make sure you have AED 5 for each person in your balance to pay for the entry. If you don’t have an NOL card, you can purchase one at the Entry Gate for AED 25.