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Burj Khalifa Tickets Price, Architect, Height, Timings etc...

In This Article You can find everything about Burj Khalifa Tickets Price, Architect, Height, Timings etc…. The Burj Khalifa known as the Burj Dubai prior to its inauguration in 2010, is a skyscraper in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. With a total height of 829.8 m and a roof height of 828 m, the Burj Khalifa has been the tallest structure and building in the world since its topping out in 2009. 

Burj Khalifa Tickets Price, Architect, Height, Timings

Architect Of Burj Khalifa

Vision is a word you hear a lot in the GCC. But just imagine if you will, sitting down in a meeting and deciding to construct the world’s tallest building in your city.Not one that is going to be the tallest by a few dozen metres, and relinquish its title to another tower, in another city, within a few years, but the tallest by a massive margin.If you can imagine that, 

then you can get a feeling for the vision that went into coming up with the Burj Khalifa, open since 2010 and officially the world’s tallest tower, a whopping 300metre-plus taller than the next nearest rival. More than six years in the making, the project was a massive undertaking, one that has paired bold vision with a brave leap into the engineering unknown.

architect of burj khalifa

Burj khalifa Tickets Price

At The Top Burj Khalifa SKY

Level 148 + 125 + 124

Level 148

  • Enjoy a personalized tour, guided by a Guest Ambassador.
  • Step out onto the world’s highest observation deck with an outdoor terrace at 555 meters.
  • Refresh yourself with refreshments at the SKY lounge.
  • Explore Dubai’s most famous landmarks with a unique interactive experience, using motion senses.
  • Continue your journey to levels 125 and 124.

Level 125

  • Level 125 offers a spacious deck tastefully decorated in Arabic mashrabiya for stunning 360-degree views.
  • Set off on a virtual reality experience to the pinnacle of Burj Khalifa.

Level 124

  • Be thrilled by the world’s fastest double-deck elevators, cruising at 10m/s.
  • Take a closer look at the world below through avant-garde, high powered, telescopes
Ticket Type Non-Prime hours 19h00 - 22h00 prime hours 12noon - 18h00

At the top SKY Adult(12years+)

AED 359

AED 459

At the top SKY child (4 -12years)

AED 359

AED 459

At the top SKy Infant (Below 4 years)



At The Top Burj Khalifa

Level 125 + 124

Level 125

  • At 456 meters, Level 125 offers a spacious deck tastefully decorated in Arabic mashrabiya for stunning 360-degree views.
  • Capture your Burj Khalifa moments forever and integrate reality and special effects with green screen photography
  • Set off on a virtual reality experience to the pinnacle of Burj Khalifa.

Level 124

  • Be thrilled by the world’s fastest double-deck elevators, cruising at 10m/s.
  • Take a closer look at the world below through high powered telescopes.
  • Step out onto the public outdoor observation terrace overlooking the ever-growing skyline.

Weekdays (Sunday – Wednesday)
Last entry at 21:00hrs(9:00PM)

ticket type non-prime hrs. prime hrs.


AED 129

AED 209

Child(4-12 years)GA

AED 87

AED 132

Weekends (Thursday – Saturday)
Last entry at 23:00hrs(11:00PM)

ticket type non-prime hrs. prime hrs.


AED 129

AED 209


AED 87

AED 132

Burj khalifa Timings

Weekdays (Sunday – Wednesday)

Non-Prime Hours10:00hrs – 15:30hrs and 18:30hrs–22:00hrs(10:00 AM-3:30 Pm) And (6:30 Pm-10 Pm)

Prime Hours16:00hrs – 18:00hrs(4:00Pm-6:00Pm)

Weekends (Thursday – Saturday)

Non – Prime Hours10:00hrs – 15:30hrs and 18:30hrs – Midnight(10:00Am-3:30Pm) and (6:30Pm-Midnight)

Prime Hours16:00hrs – 18:00hrs(4:00Pm-6:00Pm)

Getting To The Burj khalifa


If you Plan To Visit Burj khalifa then You can also take the Red Line Metro to the Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall stop, then it’s approximately a 10-minute walk (via the airconditioned travellator!) to the Mall. Allow another 5 minutes to find the basement level entrance. 

“The Metro Link Bridge is aligned with the mall’s opening hours, from 10 AM – 11 PM Sunday to Wednesday and 10 AM – 12 AM Thursday to Saturday. 


You can easily book a taxi to the Dubai Mall, then walk to the entrance at the basement level (this is also where you will find the Will Call office for collecting tickets).


If you plan to visit Burj khalifa by bus so you have to take the same bus for The Dubai Mall. There are two buses that service The Dubai Mall every 16 minutes: route 27 from the Deira Gold Souk station and route 29 from Ghubaiba bus station. The buses arrive and depart from the tourist drop-off area, located in front of the Grand Drive Entrance, on the Lower Ground Floor of The Dubai Mall.

Burj Khalifa LED Light Show Timings

It’s nice to catch the first fountain show at dusk then return for a nighttime show when you can also capture LED lighting displays on the Burj Khalifa from 7.45 pm. The Burj Khalifa light show runs every 30 minutes.

  • Timings: Every hour from 07:45 pm – 10:15 pm (Sunday – Wednesday), 
  • Every half hour from 07:45 pm – 10:45 pm (Thursday – Saturday)

Among the most iconic and popular night, light shows in Dubai has to be at Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world! The Burj Khalifa LED shows are the highlight of public holidays and special occasions, like the UAE National Day, New Year’s Eve, awareness campaigns, special occasions, and more. 

However, there are also daily Burj Khalifa light and sound shows, each of which is unique in its own way. These fabulous shows, consisting of vibrant colors and extraordinary detail, are displayed using a staggering 1.2 million LED lights on the facade of Burj Khalifa, which makes it the largest LED screen in the world! The Burj Khalifa light show timings for 2020 vary slightly every month, depending on the shows. 

The Dubai Fountain

The Dubai Fountain is a choreographed fountain system located on the 12 hectares manmade Burj Khalifa Lake, at the center of the Downtown Dubai development in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Set sail on a traditional Abra ride and witness the world’s largest performing fountains up close.

A Captivating Water, music & Light spectacle in Downtown Dubai, The Dubai Fountain is the world’s tallest performing fountain. At over 900 ft in length – equivalent to over two football pitches- The Dubai Fountain is situated on the 30 -acre Burj-Khalifa Lake and performs to a selection of different melodies.

COVID-19 Update

At The Top,Burj Khalifa Social Commitment

New Safety Measures.

As predicted, the post COVID – 19 comes with changes in all aspects of our lives.Burj khalifa team is committed to providing you with a safe environment in alignment with the UAE COVID -19 Safety protocols.Maintain a safety  environment the team implemented a whole new hygienic system to create a healthy environment.

General Health & safety Measures:

  • Temperature checks are required prior to entry.
  • Wearing a face mask is mandatory.
  • Buying tickets online is required.
  • Keep a social distance of 2 meters apart.
  • Sanitize your hands using the sanitizers provided.
  • Contactless payments are required.
  • Social distancing will be maintained inside the floors.
  • Please stand on the sticker placed on the ground when queuing.
  • Compliance with the stated safety measures is legally required in all areas within at the top.
  • Age limits stated by authorities will be applied,and our staff may need to verify the age by seeing your Emirates ID card.

At The Top,Burj Khalifa Precautionary Measures:

  • Rigorous sanitization routines will be implemented at all touchpoints.
  • For sanitization and cleaning we are strictly using materials which are approved by Dubai Municipality.
  • Touchless sanizers are placed in different location.
  • Staff will be wearing masks and gloves at all time.
  • Staff will maintain high level of personal hygiene.
  • Staff temperature will be checked regularly.

Major Attractions In And Around Burj Khalifa

  • Burj Khalifa Park
  • The Dubai Mall
  • Dubai Aquarium And Underwater Zoo
  • Dubai Ice Rink
  • Sega Republic
  • Kidzania
  • Reel Cinemas

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