Epic Fun Places To Explore In Dubai

Epic Fun Places to Explore in Dubai

Dubai never disappoints when it comes to serene natural environments promising a time of extreme fun and a super relaxation period with your loved ones. Dubai is popular when it comes to chaotic city life with modern attractions and high-rise buildings, and yet tucked away from the chaos, thrillophilia brings you a list of absolutely ethereal and natural picnic spots, that are a perfect getaway for all.

The extremely fascinating Dubai miracle garden and its vast collection of over 150 million flowers from over 250 different species are a sight to render. Find a perfect picnic spot in its luscious and verdant gardens and make splendid memories surrounded by various awe-inspiring floral structures.

Another of the most exclusive spots for a picnic rendition is amidst the verdant nature of Dubai Creek. This location has it all, from a children’s play area, to perfect under-the-tree hangout spots, an outdoor gym, cobbled pathways, cycles for rent, and more. Read more about Epic Fun Places to Explore in Dubai here

6 Epic Fun Places to Explore in Dubai

A perfect picnic spot can add stars to your vacation excursion. Some quality time away from Dubai’s active and hustling city life and a peek into nature can work wonders for anyone

Dubai Miracle Garden

Epic Fun Places To Explore In Dubai Here

As you enter this garden, you are struck by the sweet scent of rare and extrinsic flowers, and vibrant and vivid hues of all these colors fill your vision. Dubai Miracle Garden has over 15 million flowers, spread over a vast area  72000 sq. feet. Known as the world ‘s largest floral gardens, this wonderful attraction houses a flower ley hill top, a stunning sunflower field, an emirates plane and a giant place constructed with white flowers and more.

Your miracle garden ticket also offers a number of other exciting engagements like butterfly garden. Avail for a miracle garden ticket and enjoy a perfect picnic getaway with your loved ones.

Creek Park

Creek Park Dubai

Tucked away from Dubai’s hustle and bustle, Creek Park is an all-in-one picnic destination that will blow your mind with its natural settings. From a stunningly choreographed dolphin show and feeding programs to a vast golfing arena, this miraculous creek park will keep you entertained for an entire day.

At the kid’s park, your small little angels can enjoy a number of rides and keep themselves engaged in a fun edutainment trip at the Children’s City Rent a bicycle and paddle your way through the long stretches of pavements that adorn this park.

Desert Safari

Dubai Desert Safari

A trip to Dubai is incomplete without a desert safari Dubai that has a mix of adventure rides, BBQ and simply plain fun. You can ride on a camel and enjoy the journey through the desert with your loved ones on the picnic. You can then try dune bashing which is nothing but a rollicking ride in a vehicle over the steep sand dunes that will leave you breathless, literally.

Once you are done with it, you can try sandboarding. It is just like surfing but instead of water, you do it on the sand. In the end, you can enjoy traditional Arabian dishes and puff Shisha in the desert camp.

Al Barari Natural escape

Al Barari Natural Escape

As the name suggests, this location is a serene escape from the bustling climes of Dubai and renders a gratifying peek into the amusing nature. This location is a popular picnic spot and provides a number of exquisite picnic spots, picnic spots, and entertaining events to keep you entertained for the time.

At this serene beauty, you will find a perfect shade under the lanking palm trees, where you simply relax and breathe in the fresh air that tickles your nostrils. Tourists can easily book for the picnic activities and enjoy a relaxing affair with their family on their vacation excursion.

Love Lake

Love Lake Dubai | Al Qudra Lake

A picnic spot overlooking a gorgeous desert oasis sounds dreamy enough and is a must-visit attraction for your vacation getaway. At Love Lake, tourists can spot a number of ducks and swans floating over the oasis rendering an even more enthralling view. With never-ending stretches of desert, and low-lying green bushes, tourists can easily spot a perfect picnic spot and relax for a wonderful time.

Rent a bicycle and go paddling through the long stretches of desert pavements and participate in bird watching as well.

Zabeel Park

Zabeel Park Dubai

Listed amongst the biggest parks in Dubai with a vast arena stretching up to the size of 45 football fields, the Zabeel Park is a perfect blend of ethereal and natural charisma and modern architecture. Perfect for outdoor gaming, cardio, and running activities.

This park has clean and well-maintained pavements surrounded by humongous trees on either side. In addition to this, tourists can easily spot hilltop picnic spots with barbecue spots and shades to relax under. Enjoy a boat ride at the serene lake and click enthralling pictures as well.